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Mikos Gyros Franchise

Mikos Gyros is a fast-casual Greek brand that specialises in Gyros. We have a number of locations across London and now looking to franchise nationally.

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At a Glance

Established: First store opened in London in 2017

UK Presence: 8 sites across London, Manchester, Birmingham. Looking across all of UK. Looking to have 20 sites open by the end of 2024

Average start up cost: £175,000

Min personal contribution: AOR

International Presence Interested in expanding into New Zealand, Australia and the US.

Development type: single and multi-unit operators

Franchise Info

mikos gyros food menu

Launced in 2017 by Hugo Ushida, Mikos Gyros is a fast-casual Greek brand that specialises in Gyros from the Greek Islands.

We opened our first store in London in 2017 having been inspired by the pop’n’son Gyros Grills from Melbourne.  Since then, we’ve grown organically to a number of locations across London and are now looking to franchise nationally to satisfy the growing demand for our Greek kebabs across the UK.

The brand currently has eight sites and has this year opened in Manchester (delivery only but soon to be bricks-and-mortar), Birmingham (delivery only) and London’s Walthamstow (bricks and mortar). A site in Epsom is currently in negotiations, while the company is also actively looking at sites in Bristol. It has also closed its central production unit in Norbury, south London, and is looking to open one in Leeds instead.

“We’re also looking to break into Scotland, the north of England and Ireland, reach the 50-site mark and then go abroad,” Ushida said. “We’ll look at going into New Zealand, Australia and the US, where there is a great demand for high quality with good pricing – and no other Greek operator can beat us on price."

Our food

Our ethos is all about farm-to-table ingredients. We pride ourselves on making everything from scratch using high quality local ingredients. Our range of fillings for our pitas and hotboxes include Chicken, Pork, Vegan Gyros, Grilled Halloumi and marinated Portobello Mushrooms - served with a grilled Greek pita, signature sauces, salads and double-fried oregano chips.

What sets us apart from other “better kebab” brands is our provenance and culture. We make sure there’s a connection with the fields that the ingredients are produced in and look after our staff so that there’s a positive work environment. We believe this culture is reflected in our food quality and why so many of our customers return to us.  So much so that during the 2020 lockdown, our “Chicken Gyros” was the most ordered item in Brixton on Deliveroo.

mikos gyros shop franchise

Our concept

We recognise that franchisees have different needs. Franchisees will look for different businesses to suit their investment plans and aspirations. With a proven Mikos model, we are set up for all types of entrepreneur.


  • Kiosks & Takeaways offer excellent flexibility with the ability to capture high footfall.
  • Designed for shopping complexes, service stations and High St we can get you trading within 6 weeks.


  • This unit offers an attractive and unique space for indoor and outdoor areas.
  • It’s adaptable to any environment City, High St, Town and retail park.

We will help you realise your ambition with our dedicated franchise team. Our model enables you to create multiple sites in an expanding territory.

Major multi-site investors will benefit from economies of scale and exclusive territory.

Social media and brand positioning

Mikos retains a strong brand image that resonates with all ages. Strong imagery and social interaction help create local communities of engaged customers. As the brand coverage grows across the UK, a stronger unified approach will benefit all partners.

Don’t just take our word for it, log on to our social networks and see how we are capturing the imagination of customers with our unique brand and product.

So, let’s run the numbers...

  • Turnkey operation: from £175k
  • Initial franchise fee: only £20,000
  • Average Transaction Value: £9.75
  • Average Transaction Volume: 225 per day
  • Indicative annual turnover: £1m+ Year 1
  • Indicative Gross Profit of 75%

mikos gyros food menu

Johnny Sellyn Mikos Gyros

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Mikos Gyros plans 20 sites by the end of 2024

Mikos Gyros is planning for 20 sites by the end of 2024 and eventual international expansion. Hugo Ushida, who launched Mikos Gyros in 2017, said: “The franchise model works really well for us. The sector is really exciting and growing, and it’s a great space to be in. I have seven franchisees and am in talks with an eighth – and I had none this time last year, so it has really taken off these last six months – and that’s with the state the economy is in.”

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