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Date Updated: 06-March-2018

Leadership Management UK Franchise

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Leadership Management International (LMI) provides businesses with bespoke Leadership and Management development programmes.

British Franchise AssociationOur franchisees are given full training and on-going support so as to launch, build and manage their own thriving B2B franchise. On a day-to-day basis, LMI franchisees work with clients (SME businesses) to create and facilitate top-quality coaching programmes in accordance with their Client’s needs. This is a home-based, white-collar opportunity which would suit someone with experience in business. No cold calling is needed, just the desire to succeed!

Leadership Management is a Full member of the British Franchise Association.

How much does a Leadership Management franchise cost?

The cost of a Leadership Management franchise starts at £12,500 + VAT*. Add another £4,500 + VAT if you should like to include a tailor made personalised ‘Fast Start’ marketing initiative.

*Banks may lend up to 50-70% of the cost depending upon your financial history.

leadership management franchise opportunity

leadership management franchise opportunity


'Business Performance Improvement through Developing People'

'Motivating People to their Full Potential®'

If working with people and businesses gives you that special buzz and satisfaction it is imperative you take a closer look at what LMI-UK has to offer. There is no greater satisfaction from life than helping 'others' grow, realise their potential and achieve sucess.

TOP 100 INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISESleadership management franchise opportunity

FD has published their 2017 Top 100 International Franchise list and LMI was ranked number 61 of all the franchise opportunities. LMI is also ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine's Annual list for 2017.


If this sounds like you, why not request our FREE, non-obligatory franchise prospectus here to discover more.

Change your life and the lives of many by becoming a Franchise Owner for only:

£12,500 plus VAT.

Your package is complete and includes comprehensive training, a life-time of support, both here in the UK and Globally, plus a Coensus-hr Distributorship, at no extra cost.

leadership management franchise opportunity

No cold-calling needed or desired.

Add another £4,500 to include a tailor-made personalised 'Fast Start' marketing initative, The 'Foundations of Sucess' 1/2 Day Workshop. This will definitely help you win new clients.

Help Organisations and Individuals achieve the success they desire whilst living a balanced life. Create wealth and a desired future for you and your family by becoming a Franchise Owner with LMI-UK (Leadership Management International-UK) in a market estimated to be valued at over £3.2 billion spend each year.

Since 1966, over 50 years, LMI have been developing a worldwide successful business focused on ‘motivating people to their full potential®’. LMI now provide people development in over 80 countries and 26 languages through a global network of over 500 independently appointed Franchise Owners.

The critical difference with LMI-UK is that by using our unique multi-sensory LMI programmes and methodology we can and do get leaders, managers and individuals to think and behave in more effective and productive ways. We don’t just tell people ABOUT leadership and management, as others do, an LMI-UK Franchisee will help them actually BECOME the person they want/need to be, in business and in life.

leadership management franchise business opportunity LMI executive motivation development business services coaching consultancy consultant

I want to coach and share with others my wealth of experience and knowledge. Can I do this with an LMI-UK Franchise?

As a franchise owner with LMI-UK you will have an abundance of opportunity to do exactly this when coaching and facilitating LMI programmes. We actually want and encourage you to do it. Couple ‘YOU’ with an LMI programme, which is based upon sound and proven psychology, and an LMI programme becomes truly powerful.

I want to build a business worth owning which can offer me a real Return on Investment with growth Potential.

Working on your business and not forever in your business is a goal we both desire and can support. Recruit Associates and Affiliates into your business and the value of your Franchise will multiply vastly, and quickly.

leadership management franchise business opportunity LMI executive motivation development business services coaching consultancy consultant

Is your Franchise package complete?

We have endeavoured to make it complete, thorough and comprehensive. It includes:

  • 9 Days comprehensive training in all aspects of your new LMI-UK business
    • On the job support (now and on-going)
    • Result focused coaching and facilitation techniques
    • Building your Business and Marketing training
    • LMI and Prevue Products and Services
    • Induction and Administration
    • A full complement of LMI-UK Stationary tailored to your new business
    • Your first year insurances, Public and Professional Indemnity
    • Master copies of all LMI programmes sold in the UK
    • 6 Full Prevue Assessments, can recover £720 when sold on
    • On-going training by attending our bi-monthly National LMI-UK Learn-Train-Practice Forums
    • Plus all the ongoing support you will need to grow and prosper
    • Add an extra £4,500 + VAT to include your tailor made personalised ‘Fast Start’ Marketing initiative, The ‘Foundations of Success’ ½ Day Workshop.

To get fuller details of our franchise opportunity, click here to request our non-obligatory prospectus. 

leadership management franchise business opportunity LMI executive motivation development business services coaching consultancy consultant

Who says LMI programmes are as good as you claim?

Over 5000 UK managers and leaders have experienced our unique LMI process, some even being coached and facilitated through more than one programme.

Some of our larger UK clients past & present include bp, Castrol, Zurich Insurance, JPMorgan and Allied Irish Bank.

However, the majority of our clients will be found within the millions of SME businesses across our economically dynamic Nation - private and public sector.

Who has approved your LMI Programmes here in the UK?

leadership management franchise opportunity

What can be the rewards for a successful LMI-UK Franchise Owner and Coensus-hr Distributor?

In addition to the massively satisfying reward of helping others to grow and achieve, a successful franchise owner can earn whatever they wish. With the right attitude, focus and skills, plus recruiting Associates into your business, the growth of your income has no limits.

Sell Prevue Assessments and Applicant Tracking Systems, for people development and for online recruiting, and you can have a recurring income worth thousands each and every year

What does our Ideal Franchise Owner look like?

Most say they joined LMI-UK to ‘give something back’ by way of coaching, facilitating and the mentoring of others. They want to share their wealth of experience in life and business within the UK’s vast and fertile people development market whilst building a profitable, strong and sustainable business.

Couple this with a positive mental attitude, a strong work ethic and the profile is complete.

Do you match this profile? If you do, get in touch.

Interested and want to know more?

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