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Barrett & Coe is UK’s leading contemporary Portrait photography franchise.

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At a Glance

Established: 1995

UK Presence: 11 locations

Start Up Cost: £15,000

Min personal contribution: £15,000

Development type: Single-unit franchises; multi-unit franchises

BFA Status: Associate

Franchise Info

entrance of a barrett and coe studio

We are the UK's Leading Contemporary Portrait Photography Franchise

  • Run your own professional photography studio within two to three months
  • Full training to take cutting-edge images
  • Studio appointments from day one
  • Excellent earnings potential

What we look for in a franchisee:

  • Business minded
  • Committed to learn
  • Determined to succeed
  • Customer-driven
  • Organised and disciplined
  • A strong team player

contemporary family portrait

Franchise cost

A Barrett & Coe Portrait franchise costs £15,000 in total - £7,500 + vat up front and £7,500 + vat spread monthly over the 5-year term of the franchise and includes:


This is extremely comprehensive in all aspects of the business including photography, posing and lighting, studio set-up, image production, sales, marketing, and business planning.

Assistance with acquiring studio premises

Using our experience to ensure that you are in the right location at the correct price, and with a studio designed to create an optimum sales environment. This includes studio signage, furniture and product display and a lease review.

Appointments from Day One!

We work with several national partners to enable us to fill your diary from day one with family, pet and baby appointments. These national partners include, Activity Superstore, Emma’s Diary, Groupon, Wowcher and more! We also have a steady supply of head office generated bookings via our email database, and social media marketing, available to our franchisees.

Marketing Starter Pack

Three months of marketing to Baby records (including our Mailshot, social media marketing and calling programme and pre-appointment / confirmation literature) in your area.

This normally produces approximately 15 baby photography appointments per month. Franchisees are currently averaging £400 per appointment. Family and pet appointments are currently averaging £480 per appointment.

Also included in the Starter Pack are:

  • Business stationery
  • Marketing brochures for creating local awareness/appointments
  • Social Media set-up - Facebook & Instagram

However, through a detailed analysis of personality and previous experience, we will not take someone on board as a Franchisee unless we feel they have the necessary attributes.


Our assessment process is very thorough. We do not accept applications until we have gone through a robust process, to ensure so far as possible, that we are the right franchise for you, and you for us!

This process is undertaken on payment of a fully refundable (less any travel costs) deposit of £2000 + vat to allow access to prospective franchisees to our training team and meet existing franchisees.

Barrett & Coe studio waiting area

Passion, Pleasure and Profit

Barrett & Coe operate at the upper end of the photography market by offering high-quality service and products.

We specialise in finding talented people with no previous experience of professional photography and train them to become very successful photographers.

Because of our success and experience in training, and our unique and exclusive marketing programmes, we have requests from existing studios to start their own Barrett & Coe photography Franchise. Consequently, this has been added to our franchise proposal.

Commitment to our franchisees is total, with an unrivalled support programme producing, on average, 70% of a franchisee’s sales.

A Barrett & Coe photography Franchise is a lifestyle choice of Passion, Pleasure and Profit.

In particular our franchise will suit people who have experience in any of the following professions:

  • Teaching
  • Project Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finance
  • Ex-Forces & service personnel
  • Retail
  • Arts
  • NHS

contemporary family portrait

Your training

The training we give is exhaustive, and all-embracing.

Our training is bespoke to each individual. Consequently, the training programme will vary greatly between different individuals, but no stone is left unturned to ensure that each new franchisee reaches the very high standards we set in all the key activities:

  • Photography; including lighting, posing etc.
  • Pre and post-production skills
  • Business planning
  • Financial controls
  • Customer care
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Training mainly takes place on a one-to-one basis with the appropriate members of our team and is a mix of in person in a studio, one to one video calls, homework and head office visits. The number of days training varies greatly from person to person, depending upon their speed of learning and previous background. The process is designed to last 2-3 months while your studio is being located and readied.

barrett and coe photography studio


During the initial stages of choosing a Barrett & Coe Photography Franchise, we receive many questions to ascertain if it’s the right opportunity for both parties to work together.

I haven’t even taken the family holiday photos, could you really train me?

During the last ten years, we have trained more than 500 people with absolutely no experience to become professional photographers. The BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) recommend Barrett & Coe to anyone wishing to learn portrait or wedding photography.

Do I need to be artistic and/or creative?

If you are that’s great, but we can teach you how to become a highly successful and respected photographer regardless of your artistic talent.

I am completely untechnical and know nothing about digital or computers!

This doesn’t matter at all. Our training breaks everything down into very simple, easy to use methods and systems. Often the most untechnical people become the most creative photographers.

As a franchisee what on-going support will I receive?

We will provide on-going technical and marketing support, together with telephone and email support.

Our aim is to be the best-supported franchise network in the UK. We want to help you every step of the way and will be on-hand to give you the skills, support, and encouragement to get your new business off the ground and beyond.

contemporary Portrait of family

What is the initial franchise fee and what does it include?

The initial fee is £7,500 + vat and this includes the complete training of all aspects, activities, and skills required to run and operate a professional photography studio including:

  • Hands-on assistance to acquire and fit out suitable studio premises
  • Access to our national contracts, together with the rights to use the Barrett & Coe brand exclusively in your area.
  • Starter Pack including: business stationery, marketing brochures, initial baby photography appointments in your diary from day one.

Please note; equipment is not included in the initial fee.

What are the ongoing costs?

Monthly payment of the remaining franchise fee of £7,500 (£125 per month)

The costs include 7.5% of your sales.

There is a nominal monthly charge for our in-person franchise meetings and training (currently online with no charge due to Covid restrictions). These meetings are high powered brainstorming days which greatly assist a franchisees business.

There is also a cost for appointments booked through our national contracts.

What is the gross margin?

Each Barrett & Coe customer price list is designed to give each franchisee a minimum of an 80% profit. For example, for each £1000 sale, £200 will be your cost of the product supplied to the customer.

If I am seriously considering a franchise and have paid a deposit, may I meet existing franchisees?

Yes. Indeed, we insist that you spend at least a couple of days in studios with different franchisees to see exactly what it is like being a professional photographer.

However, you will be required to pay a £2,000 + vat deposit (this is fully refundable if you don’t take a franchise, less any costs incurred by us) prior to making these visits.

The reason for this is that we often get several franchise enquiries a week, and our franchisees are just too busy to stop and talk to anybody who has a vague interest. Hence, we need to see a reasonable commitment to allow this facility.

Franchise Process

We take a robust and thorough approach to ensure that it’s the right franchise and the right business for you.

We will explain very clearly what skills are required. The process we share with you ensures that our joint partnership will be successful for both parties.

barret & Coe photography studio waiting room

Are we right for each other?

We are looking for franchisees who are highly motivated and committed individual. Previous experience is not essential as we teach you everything you need to know.

Our current franchisees include a former banker, city broker, ex-army, teacher, distribution & logistics manager, policeman, IT manager and bodyguard.

Interested and want to know more?

By clicking the link below, we can send you further information on this franchise opportunity and allow you to contact them direct with any questions.

This is FREE and non-obligatory; we never share or sell your personal information.

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Barrett & Coe offers a unique and exciting franchise opportunity as a prestigious full-time occupation. Franchise owners do not need to have previous experience in photography as all new franchisees will be provided with extensive training in how to create contemporary and innovative photography, turning those with a passion for photography into professional photographers.

This video provides an insight into becoming a Barrett & Coe franchisee and includes a whistle-stop tour of their photography studios, as well as examples of the fantastic work that has been created by franchisees.

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