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Build your own successful property portfolio by investing in highly profitable HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). Renovate properties to turn them into multiple-bedroom homes let out on a room-by-room basis.

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Established: 2007

UK Presence: 390+ Franchise Partners

Start Up Cost: £300,000

BFA Status: Full

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The certainty of franchising with the security of property…Earn £50,000 to £150,000 per year

PPP franchisee Simon Clarke

“There are a lot of dodgy businesses promising to double your money and promoting underhand tactics, but I never felt that with PPP,” said Simon.

“When I saw that years after my initial enquiry, PPP was still going strong and giving great returns, it only added to their credibility. As soon as I found out there was an opportunity for me to join, I jumped at it.”

- Simon Clarke PPP Franchise Partner since Jan-2017...Read more



PPP franchisee Nick and Gre

“Nobody will completely understand how invaluable being part of the Platinum franchise is until you face the choice to leave,” said Nick.

“The training and knowledge gained is top class, but also their proactiveness in ensuring we are on top of legislation and competition in addition to their ability to motivate you.”

Nick and Gré Duthie PPP Franchise Partners since Sep-2013...Read more



Platinum Property Partners is a franchise that offers a direct route to financial freedom through property investment.

Combining the security of property and the certainty of franchising, Platinum’s 390+ Franchise Partners generate, on average, between £50,000 and £150,000 in annual income from their property businesses – giving them that financial freedom but also giving them back their time, too.

How does the Platinum franchise work?

Using a tried and tested property investment business model honed over more than a decade, Platinum Franchise Partners invest in highly profitable Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), supported, mentored and coached by the franchisor’s team of property and business experts.

What are HMOs?

Platinum’s Franchise Partners create high-quality HMOs, which are shared living properties for professionals and key workers.

Guided and supported by their mentors and Platinum’s team of experts, Franchise Partners are able to buy the right properties in the right areas, before cost-effectively renovating them and turning them into multiple-bedroom homes which are let out on a room-by-room basis.

Back garden of a property

What kind of returns could I generate?

On average, Platinum Franchise Partners earn between £50,000 and £150,000 per year from their property businesses.

On top of that, Platinum Franchise Partners:

  • Enjoy average returns on equity of between 10% and 15%
  • On average, earn £20,000 per property, per year – 40% more than standard single tenancy buy-to-let properties
  • Benefit from long-term capital growth in their properties as they own all their assets 100%

The benefits of a Platinum Property Partners Franchise

Investing in HMOs is complex due to the legal and licensing requirements; mistakes like buying the wrong house in the wrong area, over-spending on renovations or not being able to obtain planning permission are common and can be incredibly costly.

With a Platinum Property Partners franchise, you’ll be supported throughout by a team of more than 50 industry experts, so you:

  • Buy and renovate your properties cost-effectively, meaning a greater return on your investment
  • Buy the right properties in the right area and avoid costly planning mistakes
  • Find good housemates and keep them happy, so your rental income keeps coming in
  • Have access to and support from Platinum’s ‘Power Team’ of specialist mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors and letting agents
Nicely decorated living room

Do I need property experience?

You don’t need to have invested in property before to join the Platinum franchise.

The most important traits in a Platinum Franchise Partner are a determination to succeed and a desire to change your life.

Platinum Franchise Partners come from all walks of life. Some have owned other businesses, many have trodden the corporate path and now want more of their time back and others have come into money and simply want a solid investment for their futures that also generates an immediate income to replace or boost their existing salary.

Our ideal Franchise Partner

Platinum’s 390 Partners come from a huge range of backgrounds.

The nature of your background and skills are much less important that your determination to build your own business; create a substantial lifelong income and a better quality of life.

Modern Living Room

Training and support

We have a team of over 50 industry professionals involved in the highly effective, intensive and on-going training programme; including specialist mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors and lettings agents, as well as renovation and negotiation experts.

It’s easy to make costly mistakes when investing in HMO properties, but our people are there to make sure you don’t…

Franchise Partners are required to attend multiple mandatory training days, where we provide help & guidance in:

  • Buying & renovating
  • Lettings compliance
  • Planning & licensing
  • Health and safety
  • Finance & lending
  • Marketing & finding tenants
  • Legal & conveyancing
  • Tenant care
  • Property conveyancing

How much do I need to invest

The franchise fee for a 10 year term is just £32,970, however you will need to be able to raise between £300,000 and £700,000 of working capital in total which will fund your franchise fee PLUS the purchase and renovation of your first HMO, depending on where you buy naturally.

The investment can come from cash, equity in your home and even pension funding and family assets in some cases.

There are three franchise fee levels and terms in total; these are:

  • 15 years - £14,970+VAT
  • 10 years - £32,970+VAT
  • 7 years - £41,475+VAT

Available territories

Platinum Property Partners currently have availability in a number of key locations nationwide, enquire today and receive our free brochure.

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Case Studies

Case Study
Why experienced Franchise Partners decide to stay with Platinum

More than six years ago, Nick and Gré joined Platinum to securely replace their income from a successful career in banking. Selling some assets to raise the capital needed to get started, they quickly built a portfolio of four Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) across Cambridge within three years, achieving an average of 15% return on investment.

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Case Study
Not UK-based? No problem. Build a profitable property portfolio from overseas

It was almost a decade ago that Simon Clarke first heard of Platinum Property Partners but being based between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur meant it wasn’t possible to join the franchise at the time. He was disappointed and desperately wanted to escape the corporate life of banking, so turned to investing in fitness clubs, which he still owns in Australia and Malaysia. However, the pull of Platinum remained.

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Case Study
From knowing nothing about property before joining Platinum to closing her fifth HMO

Faith Staniforth manages her portfolio in Greater Manchester. For Faith, it was an extremely difficult period in her life that led her to seek positive change through property investment.  Despite knowing nothing about property before joining Platinum, Faith is now closing in on her fifth HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation). 

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Case Study
Interview: 'My 5 year goal was to earn £100,000 p.a. After 3 years I was earning £126,000 p.a.!”

Gertie Owen joined PPP in August 2010. After 20 years of looking after her children and being, in her own words, being “a lady of leisure”, Gertie wanted a new challenge. Learn about her journey into franchising and how she smashed her 5 year target after just 3 years!

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Case Study
Interview: "“It’s down to PPP that we have the confidence to do this now."

Venturing in to property investment can seem like an intimidating prospect. For Andrew and Christina Wallace finding Platinum Property Partners gave them the confidence and support to move into this business. In the first 5 years of their franchise they are already seeing the benefits - a 22% ROI and an average of £35,000 annual profit per property! Learn more about their journey into property investment with Platinum Property Partners here...

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Case Study
From reluctant franchisee to property franchise mentor

After a failed business deal left Mike Dixon looking for an opportunity for work he stumbled across the National Franchise Exhibition in Birmingham. After a long career spanning the corporate sector, Mike was looking for an opportunity where he could be his own boss. Learn how his chancing meeting with the Platinum Property Partners team at the NEC started Mike on his journey to being a property mentor!

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My HMO Journey: No rest for the wicked as we approach 2021

We follow Natalie on the next part of her HMO journey...

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Redundancy leads couple to new opportunities in franchising with PPP

Redundancy is never easy, even if you do receive a financial package to soften the blow. But redundancy can also lead to new opportunities and one of those is franchising.

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My HMO journey: A summer of success as we get closer to launching our first HMO

Natalie brings us up to speed on her HMO Journey with Episode 4 of her series. A summer of success as we get closer to launching our first HMO.

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Learn how to build a specialist property portfolio using a proven franchise system!

Platinum Property Partners (PPP), the fastest-growing premium franchise in UK history, welcomes both novice and experienced property investors to its exclusive Discovery Day on Thursday, September 19 2019.

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Platinum Property Partners welcomes franchise partners to Summer Workshop

Platinum Property Partners, the fastest-growing premium franchise in UK history, welcomed more than 200 of its Franchise Partners to its annual National Summer Workshop.

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From cash-negative liability to profitable HMO asset!

For more than 10 years, what was once the office for a mortgage broker business in Gillingham, Dorset, has been standing empty. Only now, with the benefit of experience gained in professional HMO development as a Franchise Partner with Platinum Property Partners (PPP), has Ben Gould been able to turn a cash-negative liability into a profitable asset. But it hasn’t been an easy journey…

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