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Kumon is the leading provider of supplementary education globally. Looking for driven professionals who are passionate about education, children and helping them build a brighter future. New & resale opportunities available.

Siddik Meah Kumon

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At a Glance

Established: 1958

UK Presence: Over 600 franchisees

Average start up cost: £5,000

Min personal contribution: £5,000

International Presence 23,000 centres globally across 61 different countries

Development type: Single site franchisees

Franchise Membership: bfa Established

Franchise Info

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With over 60 years of experience, Kumon has established itself as the largest global supplementary education provider.  Today, over 600 franchisees run their Kumon study centres in the UK, and around 3.6 million children are part of its worldwide network.

The Kumon Method of Learning has been designed to help any child, no matter their ability, reach their maximum potential and become an enthusiastic, life-long learner.

Kumon offers so much more than tutoring and differs from conventional classroom teaching. Rather than preparing children for a specific test or assessment, Kumon Instructors guide their students through work set at just the right level for them. By encouraging students to work out answers for themselves, children develop increased self-belief and confidence, which translates across all subjects at school, and beyond in the wider world. 

Becoming a franchisee

Kumon is looking for driven professionals who are passionate about education, children and helping them build a brighter future. Together with over 11.5 million potential Kumon students across the UK, you can turn that passion into a reality by running your own Kumon study centre where one doesn't already exist or is available because an existing Instructor is retiring.

  • You don’t need a background in education to become a franchisee. Many of our Instructors have had careers in law, finance and business and have experienced the benefits of the Kumon programmes themselves through their own families. You are required to be educated to degree level or equivalent.
  • This is a full-time business opportunity where you will build and run your own business while also helping children fulfil their potential
  • You will become part of a network of Instructors that share best practice along with the satisfaction of making a difference to children in your local community
  • You’ll have an Area Manager to offer advice and support in launching, running and marketing your Kumon study centre
  • There is a minimal start-up fee and Kumon offers generous subsidies to centres opening in specific venues or areas
  • Through delivering both face to face and online classes, you’ll help many families benefit from learning with our method

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How we train and support you

  • Extensive pre-opening support will be provided. Before opening your centre, you are given ten days’ worth of materials training, as well as marketing training and business compliance support.
  • 50% rent subsidised in high potential locations for the first twelve months (subject to criteria). This subsidy is capped at £25,000.
  • You will gain access to a dedicated
    • Finding a suitable venue
    • Classroom set up
    • Enquiry handling
    • Ongoing communications.
  • Maths and English specialists are available to assist you with any queries on how to help your students with complex questions.
  • Graphic designers help you create custom-made artwork for physical and digital advertising, free of charge.
  • An extensive network of over 600 instructors. Regular local meetings are held for sharing best practices and collaborative learning. We support continuous personal development through regular training (in-person and online) and voluntary study group activity.
  • National marketing campaigns 2-3 times a year mean coordinated pushes during strategic times of the year. For each campaign, you will receive a financial subsidy on the cost of marketing materials as well as marketing activity.

Financial information

Initial Investment: £3,000 for your licence fee (this covers £1,500 per subject for English and maths).

You will require an additional £1,500 - £2,000 for marketing across the first 12 months.

You will also have to allow for rent / hire of premises, plus further minimal running costs.

If you are buying an already established Kumon franchise, then a fee goes to the outgoing Instructor for taking on their business.

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Siddik Meah Kumon

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Kumon Franchise Resales

Success Stories

Success Story
Observing that ‘lightbulb moment’ is my favourite part of being a Kumon Instructor

Before becoming the Instructor of the Kumon Corby Study Centre, Kim had already led a rather extraordinary life. She grew up, studied and worked in America, and after graduating from university with a degree in Computer Science, she worked as a software engineer for large conglomerates. Kim always had an interest in teaching and soon landed a successful role at Microsoft to educate fellow software engineers. However, with a desire to become her own boss, she later started her own business where she taught her peers Microsoft Windows programming training. Kim also wrote a book and was a columnist in a magazine for some years. She moved to England after meeting her husband to be, started a family and later, discovered Kumon. 

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Success Story
"It's always rewarding to observe a student mastering a topic they once found challenging"

Following graduating with a Business Management degree, Dipa decided to pursue a career in education as she’d always wanted to make a difference and help others. After working in adult education for many years, she started to consider running her own business, which she knew would help her achieve a good work-life balance around her busy schedule, as a mum of two.

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Success Story
Make a difference to shape children's futures through supplementary education

In 2022, Minal Patel from the Kumon Pinner Study Centre celebrates her ten-year anniversary of being a Kumon Instructor! She remains as passionate and enthusiastic about Kumon and working with students today, as when she first decided to become an Instructor, a decade ago. Having also recently moved her centre to a permanent and custom designed premise in North Harrow, in North West London, it’s certainly an exciting time in her Kumon Instructor journey.  

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Success Story
After twenty years of corporate life, Kumon brings me great fulfilment

Before becoming a Kumon Instructor, Varun worked in the corporate industry, managing and training hospitality and aviation professionals for 20 years. Varun had often thought about how he could become his own boss, so when the chance to take redundancy presented itself, he started to think seriously about how he could achieve his dream of running his own business.

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Success Story
Become an educator, help change lives and become your own boss

Andy Newman has spent his career working with young people ever since leaving university. After 14 years as a primary school teacher, Andy sought a change and came across Kumon through an online search. With a strong desire to continue supporting children with their education, he enquired and attended a Kumon information session. An opportunity to take over an established centre soon arose, and five years on, Andy continues to successfully run the Kumon Kirk-Ella Study Centre in Hull.

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Success Story
Best practice with a Kumon franchise

Caroline Molesdale from Hertfordshire signed up to as a Kumon franchisee in August 2006 and has demonstrated how with hard work and determination, growth can happen very quickly and financial rewards can be made within the first year of setting up a Kumon franchise.

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