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We’d love to tell you everything you need to know about LighterLife. The truth is, however, it would be impossible. For example how could we fully explain in just a few words, the vast potential that exists in the weight-loss and weight-management market in the UK today? In fact, it’s not just about today, it’s also about tomorrow.

None of us can avoid the fact that the health of the UK population is changing. The Government tells us that 47% of men and 36% of women in the UK will be obese by 2025. By 2050 this will have risen to 60% and 50% respectively. Something needs to change and that’s where LighterLife can help.

If you’re ready to take on one of the most rewarding and fulfilling challenges, that will help change people’s lives for the better, then a LighterLife franchise could be for you.

An established brand with market potential – LighterLife has helped more than 250,000 people lose weight since it was established in 1996. Our recent market research, which we believe to be some of the most robust ever undertaken in the industry, has revealed that the business opportunity is vast. We have identified new groups of clients and know what they want from a weight-loss and weight-management product.

The opportunity to use existing skills and develop new ones – we don’t just sell physical products to help our clients lose weight, we educate them to help make those changes long term and sustainable. You’ll become a Weight-Management Counsellor, running group sessions with your clients. It’s the bit that makes us unique from our competitors and it needs to be the bit that gives you the ‘buzz’.

LighterLife franchise is a successful, growing, weight-management business and we’re looking for franchisees who really will ‘live and breath’ the brand. We know what you’re thinking, that you’ve heard that phrase before. With LighterLife it couldn’t be more true – YOU will be the business and YOU will help your clients make significant changes to their lives.

Min Personal Investment: £ 4,500
Min Total Investment: N/A
BFA Relationship: Full Member
Franchise Type: Single Operator Exec
Industry: Fitness

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