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Why franchisors value franchisees with a background in the forces

soldiers in the British Army

Having spent a significant part of their life serving their country, being in the forces becomes a way of life for most. And so, whilst it's exciting, the transition to civilian life can also be daunting for many as they do not have a clear idea about what they want to do next with their career.

With the MoD continuing to reduce the Armed Forces workforce, there is a growing number of Ex-forces personnel looking at alternative career options. Franchising, with its tried and tested systems, and the ability to do something you have no previous experience in, has therefore become a very popular choice for many ex-forces personnel considering self-employment.

Franchisees with a background in the forces possess skills such as decision-making, leadership, self-discipline and self-motivation; key qualities that franchisors look for when recruiting franchisees. The ability to also follow someone else's system whilst working together as part of a team, makes franchisees with a military background highly desirable candidates for franchising.

In this site we look at why franchising is such a popular choice for those with a military background and we hear from some of these franchisees on why they choose franchising and why they are successful at what they do.

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Pathfinder and franchising

Pathfinder magazine is distributed by the MoD to personnel leaving the Armed Forces each and every month and is a vital source of information for resettling servicemen and women. Franchising has proven to be a consistently popular career option among resettling military personnel and franchisors are big fans of Pathfinder's readership.

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Franchise success stories

These inspiring case studies highlight why franchising is a popular choice for those with a military background.

Reaping the rewards of being a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchisee


After 24 years’ service in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft engineer, Jon knew that he wanted to get into the business world. “The opportunity to be my own boss really excites me. I hope that from humble beginnings that I am able to grow a sustainable & successful business and hopefully reap the rewards that come with this.’’

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Controlling his own future with franchising


After leaving the army, Tim Hughes decided that he wanted to work for himself rather than be a cog in a large organisation. After researching the opportunities available to him, Tim came across letting franchises. He liked the idea of franchising as it is a proven business model with control over how he ran his business. After much research, Belvoir was his franchise of choice. We talk to Tim Hughes about his transition from the Army to franchising with Belvoir.

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Buy an existing franchise

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