A day in the life of a Award Leisure franchise owner

Award Leisure Store

The Award Leisure franchise opportunity is unique and different to other opportunities available on the market. We strive to provide our franchise network with a lifestyle of luxury and leisure, a change from the normal 9-5 way of living. 

When you run the show, you’re the one who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. However, with the added pressure and responsibility comes the monetary reward!

Being an Award Leisure franchisee, no two days are the same. But we can investigate some of the daily duties and tasks of our franchisees and the impact they have on their business.

In any business, a portion of the business owner’s daily routine is centred around customers, either helping them directly or on the phone dealing with their enquires. This is no different for Award Leisure, we aim to exceed customers’ expectations at every opportunity. As a franchisee, you will own a showroom filled with luxury leisure products including hot tubs, swim spas, saunas and lots more. Some days you will find yourself located at your showroom ensuring that the day to day is running smooth. This includes phoning customers, keeping the showroom floor presentable, managing logistics and most importantly… selling to customers!

Marketing and networking are important tasks for any business owner, to be successful in business you must generate and retain customers. Our franchisees are very active on social media and use other marketing tools such as blogging and promotional e-shots. At Award Leisure we have an in-house digital marketing team that are on call to help and support our franchise network. Having a strong online presence allows our franchisees to tap into new consumer bases and advertise new offers and promotions to customers online, whilst still operating in their own territory.

Management and delegation are important for the business to run smoothly. Our franchisees manage a small workforce that help with daily operations of the business. This includes sales, service, marketing and installing the products, this team grows as the business does.

In year one of owning the franchise we recommend hiring a part-time hot tub engineer and a part-time sales member. Delegating tasks within the business allows our franchisees to save money, because they don’t have to outsource. Saving this money is important to help with the cash flow of the business, statistically one of the main causes of business failure, so to avoid this is critical.

Owning your own Award Leisure showroom will truly allow you to live the luxury leisure lifestyle every day! We provide initial and ongoing support through the entire process – so get in touch today to find out more about how you could transform your future with a franchise.

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