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Date Updated: 04-July-2017

Safeclean UK Franchise

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Safeclean has over 50 years experience of creating successful carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses across the UK.

British Franchise AssociationSafeclean franchisees work either as a van-based sole trader and conduct business on the road or run their business behind the scenes as a management franchise by employing and training cleaning technicians to undertake work. Backed by the worldwide Furniture Protection Plan provider, Guardsman, you are given the tools for success.

Safeclean is a Full member of the British Franchise Association.

How much does a Safeclean franchise cost?

Our comprehensive franchise package requires an investment of £22,995*, with a working capital of £10,000. We work closely with Franchise Finance to support you and ensure you know your numbers.

*Banks can often fund 50-70% of your start-up costs dependent upon your financial history.

Safeclean Franchise Business Opportunity cleaning sort furniture carpet upholstery clean lucrative profitable support training

As one of the leading carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise businesses in the UK, Safeclean offers franchisees a superb tried-and-tested business model which continues to provide exceptional service to a wide range of customers.

Opportunities for business are literally everywhere for a Safeclean franchisee. As a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning technician, just think of all the homes, businesses and estate/letting agency properties with carpets or upholstery requiring your services.

We are currently seaching motivated individuals who are excited by this potential and who want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

Sound like you? To find out more, why not request our FREE, non-obligatory franchise prospectus here.

Safeclean Franchise Business Opportunity cleaning sort furniture carpet upholstery clean lucrative profitable support training

The Safeclean Franchise Opportunity

The beauty of Safeclean is that franchise owners don't require experience in carpet or upholstery cleaning; we are looking for an individual with the right attitude.

Not only do franchisees benefit from our established brand, global reputation and proven business model, but they also benefit from having access to our dedicated and highly experienced support team who are focused on making their franchise succeed.

Not only do we offer dedicated training and support, we also provide ongoing opportunities to train further and expand the services you offer. The more you’re prepared to put in, the more you’ll get back.

Safeclean Franchise Business Opportunity cleaning sort furniture carpet upholstery clean lucrative profitable support training

What’s more, Safeclean is backed by worldwide Furniture Protection Plan provider, Guardsman.

Thanks to their regular insurance work, there is the potential for Guardsman to provide approximately 5-10% of your overall turnover. In addition, these insurance appointments provide you with the chance to showcase your skills right there in the consumer’s home and hopefully gain additional work too. Guardsman can also provide introductions to well-known furniture retailers on your territory.

Exclusive Territory and Tools for Success

In addition to these immensely attractive and beneficial perks of investing in a Safeclean franchise you also receive:

      • Exclusive territory:
          125,000 Households and 15,000 Guardsman Protection Plan holders.
      • Industry leading products and equipment:
          Safeclean Franchise Business Opportunity cleaning sort furniture carpet upholstery clean lucrative profitable support training3 months’ supply of cleaning products
          Deposit for fully liveried and fitted van
          Leading, Franchise Management System
          Personalised website – PC and Mobile ready
      • Low start Management Service Charges in year 1
      • Comprehensive training and business development program
      • Full suite of marketing tools and collateral Available in an interactive portal
      • Successful partnerships with industry leading suppliers
      • A national, integrated network of over 40+ new and experienced Franchisees
Safeclean Franchise Business Opportunity cleaning sort furniture carpet upholstery clean lucrative profitable support training

Are we a perfect match?

If you’re self-starting, motivated and tenacious, with the desire to drive your own business then yes! We’re looking for hard working people, with a passion for success to take control of their future with a Safeclean franchise.

As mentioned, you don’t need any previous experience in carpet or upholstery cleaning; you just need to be open to learning your new trade. Our comprehensive training program will provide you with all of the skills you need to start your business, including working together to build your marketing plan to gain and retain your customers.

Next Steps

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service through our work and our professionalism, to create a business you can be proud of.

If this sounds like the right match for you, then contact us to receive our information pack and, if and when you are ready, we can arrange an informal chat to go over our franchise opportunity in more detail.

Interested and want to know more?

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