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Date Updated: 09-September-2016

Bartercard UK Franchise

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The Bartercard franchise is a b2b trading opportunity in the world of barter.

British Franchise AssociationThis is a white collar franchise opportunity. Our franchisees meet business owners to demonstrate to them the benefit of being a Bartercard member i.e. trading with their own products or service to preserve valuable cash, and how it can help them to grow their own business.

Bartercard is an Associate member of the British Franchise Association

How much does a Bartercard franchise cost?

The total investment required is between £60,000 and £90,000 (this includes both the initial franchise fee and working capital).

*Banks can lend 50-70% of the cost depending upon your financial history.

Bartercard franchise business opportunity trade b2b exchange management white collar

 Join a franchise with the potential to target 4 million businesses in the UK

Operating in a growth sector with minimal competition, Bartercard, the world’s largest business to business trade exchange, provides businesses with a trading platform that guarantees new customers and improves both cash flow and profitability.

Historically barter was the prime form of currency before actual currencies existed, and is still a major trading tool today. Bartercard have bought this concept into the 21st century. With modern technology and now over 55,000 cardholders and £500 million worth of trade revenue worldwide, we have demonstrated how mainstream barter is.

Most importantly, Bartercard works and benefits almost any business whether commercial or retail, or product or service based, and with over 4 million SME’s in the UK, the opportunity is huge.

Bartercard franchise business opportunity trade b2b exchange management white collar

How it works – the role of the franchisee

A Bartercard franchise provides the franchisee with the opportunity to develop a business community in a given area offering a whole range of businesses the chance to enhance their sales and grow their businesses via a route to market that is not open to their competitors.

Our franchisees build their franchise business by meeting with business owners to demonstrate to them the idea that to help develop their business, they can preserve valuable cash by trading their products or services with other businesses.

Businesses pay an annual fee to become a cardholder giving them access to trade with other members nationally or internationally.

An example of a barter could be: if a hotel needs a new website, instead of paying for it with cash that they may not have at that time, they can instead offer rooms in their hotel in exchange for getting a new website. The actual cost to the hotel owner can be significantly less that the value they receive; the website has consumed no cash and the cost of offering the rooms is much less than what they would have paid for a new website.

Bartercard franchise business opportunity trade b2b exchange management white collar

How we train and support you

Training has a mix of residential courses, on-line training material and hands on field training.

The support process is both for initial setup and familiarisation as well as on-going as your business develops, and it includes:

    • Business planning templates
    • Assistance in office location and set-up
    • Recruitment and HR support
    • Regional Marketing support
    • Training in technology, relationship selling, trading and general business management.

What we look for in a franchisee:

First and foremost, you need to be committed, have the desire to build a significant business and have the drive and enthusiasm to make things happen.

You need to be articulate and comfortable presenting to business owners or managing directors. However, as we will provide you with the skills to show just what a superb business tool Bartercard is, previous sales experience is not a pre-requisite.

You must understand how businesses work and be able to understand a profit and loss account.

Your role is to work with your members to help them grow and improve their business so your ability to relate to the issues they face and to offer solutions in a way that the owner can understand is paramount. As is your ability to build trust and command the respect of the owner. In short you will need:

    • Self-motivation
    • Customer service skills
    • People management skills
    • A reliable vehicle
    • Access to appropriate funds

We are currently looking for franchisees across the UK, so if you are interested in learning more, please fill in the form below.

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