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Date Updated: 09-September-2016

Auditel UK Franchise

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Auditel offers a strategic cost management service to medium and large-sized organisations across the UK and Ireland.

British Franchise AssociationAs a white collar franchise opportunity, Auditel is ideal for management and executive level professionals who wish to work for themselves by not by themselves. Working from home or from an office, Auditel franchisees source clients and provide them with a tailored cost management strategy.

Auditel is a Full Member of the British Franchise Association.

How much does an Auditel franchise cost?

The initial franchisee fee for Auditel is £37,950+vat*. You will need a minimum of £20,000 in liquid capital.

*We have a strong relationship with all major banks, who can fund up to 70% of the cost.

auditel franchise business opportunity consultancy services cost management reduction

Profit from your existing skills with this multi-fee earning opportunity

Seize the chance to transfer your skills and experience into a business that will work for you, not someone else… Escape corporate politics, ditch the commute and embrace diversity with an Auditel franchise.

We asked our franchisees what the best things about owning their Auditel franchises are. Here’s what they said:

auditel franchise business opportunity consultancy services cost management reductionGreater time flexibility
Being my own boss and working for myself
Achieving a better quality of life
No more corporate politics!
Spending more time with family
Commuting less
Earning first matched and now exceeds employed potential
Being rewarded for my efforts.

“When I think about my business now, I think about the amount of income I get from it and the flexibility, being an Auditel franchisee is fantastic. In fact, the second client I signed in 1998 is still a client now. I would struggle to find something with the same in salary and lifestyle anywhere else!”
Chris Baker, franchisee since 1998

It doesn’t have to be just a dream. We help you to make it a reality.

auditel franchise business opportunityAuditel is the UK’s leading strategic cost management franchise. We assist and educate our clients to make smarter buying and management decisions, leading to business longevity and growth. Our franchisees become invaluable, outsourced board level members of the companies they serve.

Founded in 1994, we have over 20 years’ experience in strategic cost management. Our award-winning business model has been successfully replicated by over 160 franchisees who proudly serve more than 3,000 clients in almost every sector of the economy.

It’s your future; make it something to be proud of

Our core values of respect, knowledge sharing and positivity are reflected in every aspect of our business. We have demonstrated a commitment to growing each franchisee’s individual business as well as the franchise network

auditel franchise business opportunity consultancy services cost management reductionFranchisee sales grew by 70% from 2010 to 2014
39% increase in average project value per client over the last 18 months
55% increase in introduced business via partnership programme

“My revenues have doubled and I’m getting a lot of new business. People are calling me to work with me. People are seeing what I’m doing and how it can work for them. I wanted something that had the ability to give me the support, tools and confidence that the business would work. Auditel have done just that.”
Declan Quinn, franchisee since 2012

Auditel: giving you the support, tools and confidence to succeed.

How we help you to succeed

From your very first phone call, we’re here to help you understand and make the right financial choices that work for you and your lifestyle. We have dedicated staff who will assist you in putting together a business plan and together we’ll look at financial projections based on your situation.

When it comes to winning business, we give you the best possible environment in which to succeed:

auditel franchise business opportunity consultancy services cost management reductionClient acquisition programme
Dedicated telemarketing team
Partnership programme for access to your ideal prospects
Educational seminars organised for your prospects.

“The telemarketing organised by Auditel for me generates 70% of my appointments!”
Gordon Brearley, franchisee since 2007

We’ve designed an award-winning programme of training and support to ensure that when you join us, you gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to build and run your own business:

auditel franchise business opportunity consultancy services cost management reduction5-year mentoring programme for franchisees
78 days training offered per year
45-strong support team
Sales mentoring programmes
SMART marketing, social media and local PR strategies
Training offered to two people in any one franchise, NOT just the owner.

Nationwide, our franchisees enjoy the benefits of a trusted, proven brand whilst being supported by a team of experts in all essential business disciplines.

Our franchise network is made up of over 200 consultants. All experts in their individual fields. When you join Auditel, you don’t just get our 20 years+ knowledge, experience and skillsets to draw on; you get theirs too.

“The combined knowledge of the network is amazing. I haven’t had one question that they haven’t been able to answer. The knowledge of individuals has become a powerful network that we all have access to.”
Jane Campbell, franchisee since 2012

Pioneers in our industry

We continually innovate to make our franchisee’s jobs easier. We’ve spent millions on development and now boast over a dozen bespoke franchisee tools.

auditel franchise business opportunityRecently we’ve migrated all these tools onto a single, cloud based system: the Auditel Business Management System (AMBS). The result is over 20 years of knowledge in one place. Proven to reduce the time franchisees take to do client work by over 50% and some tools by as much as 90%.

This process of developing innovative tools is ongoing. Year in, year out, we improve and we’re passionate about the process of incremental gains.

An intelligent investment

We’ve packaged our opportunity to include everything you need to achieve personal success and professional freedom.

auditel franchise business opportunity consultancy services cost management reduction Bespoke business tools
Fast-track sales and marketing programmes
Client acquisition and partnership programmes
Business start-up, technical and management manuals
Comprehensive personalised stationery and collateral
Dedicated personal website
Regular local and regional meetings
Annual conference and supplier exhibition
Exit strategy planning and support

The franchise fee is £37,950 plus VAT and funding of up to 70% is available from major franchise banks including HSBC, Lloyds, Natwest and RBS.

“Would I buy again? I’ve just renewed my franchise agreement for another 5 years so yes! I’m very happy!”
Lee Freeman, franchisee since 2010

Our franchisees…

Auditel is a serious consideration for those looking to address the balance of effort and reward.

Our franchisees work smarter and more efficiently to achieve their goals of increased time, flexibility and income. The franchise is ideal for professionals who:

auditel franchise business opportunityHave previous business management experience
Possess a strong desire to work for themselves
Are ambitious and motivated to build a profitable business
Have Strong business development and negotiation skills
Recognise the combined skillset and knowledge of the network to be a large asset to achieving success.

Our network of high-calibre professionals can choose to operate as home-based businesses or utilise the business and analytical tools available to grow as multi-fee earning, scalable businesses and employers in their own right. It’s your business; it’s your dream and it’s your choice.

“Of course there are other cost procurement franchises around. We selected Auditel because of the values and proven track record that comes with the business.”
Jane Campbell, franchisee since 2012

Additionally, our Discovery Seminars are designed to give an insight into how Auditel works. You will have the opportunity to meet the Franchise Support Team, ask as many questions as you like and find out first hand how you could benefit from becoming an Auditel consultant. There is no hard sell, no obligation and nothing to pay. All Discovery Seminars are held in Winchester unless otherwise arranged. 

If you would like to know more about how you can build a thriving business with Auditel and start working for what really matters to you, please click here to send us your details.

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