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Ethnic Minorities In the UK

Ethnic Minorities In the UK

  • This year's census is expected to show that ethnic minority communities total more than 5m people, or 10% of BritainĂ‚?s population.
  • It has been estimated that the ethnic population will double within the next 50 years.
  • Ethnic minorities in the UK represent a younger, growing marketplace 80% are under 25 years old.
  • 12% of the UK's undergraduates are young people from ethnic communities.
  • Most second and third generation ethnic minorities are upwardly mobile with a high standard of education and disposable income. Computer literacy is particularly high amongst young consumers, suggesting a high level of future e-commerce success.
  • Ethnic minorities demonstrate the marketable skills needed in today's job market, including I.T, communications and management.
  • Ethnic minorities form around 6.7% of the total population of working age 2.4 million (690,000 black people and 1.1m South Asians) out of 33 million.
  • 19% of all small/medium businesses are owned by ethnic minorities.
  • Asian communities have a higher rate of self-employment than the national figure, due mainly to a strong motivation to be independent and a keen interest in entrepreneurial activity.
  • Asian businesses were started mainly because it was a family tradition to do so. Sarwar Ahmed, Managing Director of Asian Xpress, publishers of Britain's Richest Asians, stated, the rise of the Asian millionaire was partly due to a community-based method of running a business. Asians tend to keep a business in the family, with fathers, wives and brothers as business partners, whom they can trust, and they can run it with a strong sense of family loyalty. They work long hours, tend to live with their families and are willing to make sacrifices.

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